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If only they had listened to these humorous but prophetic warnings!


A while back, during National Offend a Feminist Week, I shared many images lampooning feminism in general (or at least, bound to offend humourless feminists), as did others, in the discussion.

Recently, I came across this shrieking piece about anti-suffragette postcards, from back in the blessed days before women got the vote.

Naturally, I loved them, and I started searching out other funny anti-suffragette postcards and images.  I also found some that were more serious in tone (e.g. photos of suffragettes engaged in vandalism), but I’ve decided to mostly focus on a selection of the funniest ones I found, for everyone’s amusement – and to give the fembots out there an aneurysm, hopefully.










*Update: I’m adding some more from Laura Grace Robins’ collection, with her permission, here:

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